Wim Rampen & Erik Roscam Abbing: Delta Lloyd Group & Zilver innovation


Wim is the Manager Customer Intelligence & Brand Management at Delta Lloyd Group. With many years of experience, he has a great understanding of customer relationship marketing.



Erik_Roscam_AbbingErik is the founder of Zilver innovation, a user insight and service innovation consultancy based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Zilver has worked for an international roster of clients like Virgin Mobile, Heineken, Rabobank, Europcar, Ebay, Audi, Canon, DSM, Philips and OHRA.

Erik is the author of ‘Brand Driven Innovation’ (AVA 2010), initiator of the business design documentary ‘Design the new Business’ and the founder of online user insight tool ‘7daysinmylife.com’.



DAY 1 – Donald Gordon Theatre – 12:35PM – 12:55PM

Transformation Alchemy: 5 Essential Ingredients For Transformational Service Design

See the presentation at SDNC13

For service design to take effect in the insurance business, some true alchemy needs to take place. Market challenges like low customer involvement, high churn, commoditization, price pressure and the power of comparison websites all need to be transformed into relevant customer experience, brand loyalty and viable new business models. Wim Rampen, customer experience and brand manager of Delta Lloyd, and Erik Roscam Abbing, founder of Zilver innovation, share the recipe they’ve discovered over three years of cooperation. Sharing their story from both a company and consultant perspective, they will leave you with 5 essential ingredients for successful transformation through service design. And they will challenge you to help find the missing 6th.


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