Stefan Moritz & Montana Cherney – Veryday

Stefan_MoritzStefan has worked with numerous bluechip brands including Adidas, Disney, Nokia and Philips. With experience accumulated from the fields of marketing, design and technology, his unique understanding of service innovation, customer experience and change management also grants him regular appointments as keynote speaker, workshop facilitator and executive coach. He lectures at various universities across Europe.

Montana_CherneyMontana is creative director and senior design strategist at Veryday, who applies a user-centered approach to innovating in the health care space. She has developed physical, digital and convergent solutions for emergency disaster incidents, neonatal intensive care units, clinician practices, lifestyle and chronic disease management, and caregiving for the elderly.

DAY 2 – Japan Room – 2:00PM – 4:00PM

Transforming Healthcare with Service Design

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In recent years, we have seen unprecedented advances in health care. Thanks to ubiquitous connectivity and an increasing reliance on mobile devices, individuals, health care professionals, and brands are more empowered than ever to continue to revolutionize health care as we know it. Service Design can help the thoughtful and imaginative improvement of processes, services and interactions. Facilitating the ability for stakeholders as well as users to participate in the design process increases focus, saves time and money as well as creating new value propositions and revenue opportunities. But where are we stuck? Based on international examples we will discuss the principles we believe have the power to unlock a real transformation in the health care space.

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