Nicola Piercy – E.ON Energy UK

Nicola_PiercyBefore joining E.ON as Senior Experience Designer in November 2013, Nicola worked as a Format Designer for both Boots the Chemists and Post Office Limited, where customer centric design was intrinsic to success.

Having left Post Office Limited in March 2012, Nicola set up her own business – Ingenium Design – focusing on providing support services to the Creative & Design Industries, where she remains a Director.

Nicola’s passion for great customer experience make sure that customers are at the heart of every design.

DAY 1 – Donald Gordan Theatre – 3:55PM – 4:15PM

Powering Up Our Performance… Taking the Clouds Out of Blue Sky Thinking

See the presentation at SDNC13

Have you ever wondered how organisations with a real customer focus work in a heavily regulated industry? When the customers are totally reliant on the
service you provide? So what does regulation mean for Service Design? What are the challenges we face as Service Designers? How do we put customer at the heart of what we do? And most importantly of all, how can we strive to deliver an excellent Customer Experience in a market where the sky isn’t always blue?

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