Milan Guenther & Mike Clark – Independent Consultant

Milan GuentherMilan is design consultant and partner with eda.c, a consultancy based in Paris and Düsseldorf. He is the author of Intersection, a book about strategic design in complex enterprise environments introducing the Enterprise Design Framework. Milan works as professional designer since over 10 years, and holds a degree in Communication Design from FH Düsseldorf and an MBA from ISC Paris.

Michael_ClarkMike grew up interested in both the complications and detail of engineering and the thoughtfulness and simplicity of art. Across his career he has applied these interests to define numerous business design frameworks across a variety of industries and solve the elusive outside in and inside out alignment. More recently Mike became an advisory board member of the business architecture guild.

DAY 2 – Japan Room – 10:15AM – 12:15PM

Designing to Shift Enterprise Ecosystems

See the presentation at SDNC13

Designing great services and offerings is the essential promise of Service Design, but bringing services to life involves making them part of much larger experiences. This means transforming the way businesses work, and realigning the various moving parts of enterprise ecosystems. The complex and volatile nature of such systems quickly becomes overwhelming, with brands, processes, culture, technology or touchpoints being just tiny parts of the puzzle. In this short talk we are going to advocate for the integration of Business Architecture approaches to model potential futures, as a means to put a Service Design initiative into action. We will illustrate this with examples from our work with the United Nations.

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