Melvin Brand Flu – Livework

Melvin_BrandFluMelvin is partner of strategy and business design at Livework. He is a business and strategy consultant with over 20 years’ experience working for companies across continents. He advises executives and businesses on the cutting edge of business innovation in industries ranging from telecommunications and financial services, to the public sector and entertainment.

DAY 1 – Donald Gordon Theatre – 4:20PM – 4:40PM

Business Impact

See the presentation at SDNC13

Service design with its tools, collaborative spirit and creativity has an opportunity for business impact when it moves beyond the pure focus on customers and staff, and design for the organisation. Applying the outside-in perspective helps organisations see their possibilities and limitations in delivering a
positive service experience to their customers. Livework is learning how to prepare and guide businesses to tackle businesses challenges in ways that are new for most organisations. In Cardiff we will share some useful and sometimes painful lessons how to achieve business impact in sectors ranging from insurance and public transport to retail and telecoms.

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