Maria José Jorda Garcia: BBVA

Maria-Jose-Jorda-Garcia Maria José is a Director at the Innovation Center of BBVA in Madrid, Spain. The innovation team of this global player works around three main disruptive spaces that are transforming the financial industry. Maria José’s role is to lead this change across the 5 regions BBVA is present, making ideas actionable by combining business and designers vision into one.
Maria José is a spanish graduated Industrial Engineer. She spent 15 years in Switzerland where she worked for some years at the European Center of Nuclear Research (CERN) designing graphical user interfaces for the physicists.

DAY 1 – Donald Gordan Theatre – 12:10PM – 12:30PM

From Big Data to big business!

See the presentation at SDNC13

Nowadays, only 5% of the data generated in the cities is utilized for something it wasn’t created for. Using an underground trip card “only means” you are allowed to travel, we discard information that could let us optimize routes, lines, waiting times, etc. In 2025 billions of sensors will invade our cities trying to make our life easier, sensors in traffic lights, parks or streets. Can you imagine?
At BBVA the future is now so we found an alternative approach to Big Data, based on people rather than sensors. This is the story of how we were able to transform a large number of financial transactions into actionable innovative services.

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