Louise Downe – Engine

Louise_DowneFrom years working on landmark service design projects, Louise has led major initiatives to establish new customer-centered service strategies and businesses; working closely with client teams to guide implementation and organisational change. She is fascinated by possibility for design to enable the creation of self organising systems and networks.


DAY 2 – Donald Gordon Theatre – 2:00PM – 4:00PM

Platform Design – shaping the organisations of the future

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Service design often involves creating a network of people and things that act together to create a service. Platform design goes beyond designing individual services, towards designing platforms from which multiple services, journeys and interactions can be built.

For example, rather than designing a single healthcare service, a platform approach constructs the internal and outward-facing systems that allow a provider to co-ordinate the development and delivery of its whole portfolio of services. Similarly, rather than designing a mobile app, a platform can produce a whole range of services built around a new technology, provided through a network of devices, users, and partners linked by data flows and revenue streams.
In this talk, Louise Downe will outline Engine’s approach to designing platforms, the typical challenges projects face and ways teams can successfully address them.

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