Lizzie Shupack – DigitasLBi

Lizzie_ShupakA founding member of the Global Innovation team at global marketing and technology agency DigitasLBi, Lizzie helps companies understand how digital technology can create tangible business value. She was awarded the IPA and Campaign Magazine’s Women of Tomorrow award for strategic work.

DAY 2 – Donald Gordan Theatre – 10:15AM – 12:15PM

There is no Innovation Fast-lane (and Other Lessons Learned While Trying to Overtake)

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In this talk, Lizzie will discuss some of the myths and challenges that surround innovation and business transformation. She’ll explore the difference between the innovation process versus the story of innovation, unpack why having a clear vision and a defined problem worth solving really is critical to success, and make a case for the idea that simply showing up and doing the work every single day is a greater indicator for success than most people ever give credit. Lizzie will draw on her experiences both at DigitasLBi, where she is developing their innovation proposition, but also at Wok+Wine, the startup in which she is a partner, recently profiled in Harvard Business Review.

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