Lee Sankey: Barclays PLC

Lee_SankeyLee is a design director – Innovation and Customer Experience at Barclays and is building and leading an interdisciplinary design and innovation capability that is reshaping what a bank is and does. With a hands on design direction of new products, services and experiences across the Barclays group.


DAY 1 – Donald Gordan Theatre – 3:30 – 3:50PM

The New Seriousness of Design

See the presentation slide at SDNC13

It’s a wonderful time for design. It is increasingly recognised as part of the literacy of business and is becoming part of the boardroom. However, what are the implications and consequences of this greater role? Design is changing. As it expands and collapses and old adages melt, is design, service design in particular, mindful of new responsibilities and ready to fulfil design’s promise?  Or are we too in love with Post-it Notes and workshops?

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