Kristina Carlander – Doberman

Kristina_CarlanderAs a design director at Doberman, Kristina devotes all her energy to leading projects that have a high degree of innovation and co-creation, using inspiring and effective research methods. Most recently she has created an educational tool on the subject of child poverty as well as a new type of first aid kit that covers both physical and psychological issues.

DAY 2 – Donald Gordan Theatre – 10:15AM – 12:15PM

How to Help Your Fellow Man Stay Healthy

See the presentation at SDNC13

Together with Handisam, the Swedish Agency for Disability Policy Co-ordination, and three major Swedish companies, Doberman created a new type of first aid kit. Today, there is a compelling need for a kit that not only addresses physical health, but psychological health as well. Its goal is to prevent sick leave by erasing taboos around mental health issues in the workplace, demonstrating how colleagues, managers and whole companies need to establish a constructive environment together. Co-creation also played a large part in the project, with executives, employees and people who have experienced stress and burnout taking part. As of this conference, the project is being tested by 1000 people.

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