Kathryn Richards & Rob Kirby – Seren & Nokia

Kathryn_Richards.jpgAs head of service design at Seren, Kathryn leads a multi-disciplinary team to design cross-channel customer experiences. Iterative and collaborative research ensures solutions are needs-led and strategic to challenge the way people think, act, and experience products and services. Kathryn’s experience spans public and private sector across health, consumer technology, telecoms, FMCG, legal and financial sectors.


Rob_KirbyAs part of the Consumer Intelligence team at Nokia, Rob delivers the voice of the consumer through global front-end research chiefly for HERE (formerly Nokia Maps). Building on his experience as a design researcher at Seymourpowell (an award-winning design and innovation agency in London), Rob specialises in qualitative research using ethnographic methodologies to inform strategic portfolio development.


DAY 2 – Donald Gordan Theatre – 10:15AM – 12:15PM

The Journey of Changing a Culture

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Innovation opportunities can be fleeting, ethereal and disparate, which makes it a challenge to capture and ground them. This is made even more complex when they need to travel through cultures and disciplines, especially in a company the size of Nokia. In this talk we will look at how a Nokia and Seren collaboration is steadily changing the culture of HERE (Nokia’s location brand, formerly Nokia Maps). We will look at the impact a User Journey framework is having beyond capturing moments, to how it is fundamentally changing HERE’s approach to research and innovation by inspiring content and experiences, and defining applications and platforms.

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