Jonathan Blakeney & Erdem Demir – ‘i-am’ associates

Jon-BlakeneyJon is a serial entrepreneur and has designed for some of the UK’s biggest household brands. Over the past ten years he has led ‘i-am’ associates’ drive into the banking and financial services sector, as well as fashion and restaurants. His clients in the banking sector include, Unicredit; Bank Austria; Garanti Bank; UK Post Office; New India Bank; Ocean Bank.


Erdem_DemirErdem has a Masters in Industrial Product Design and a PhD in Industrial Design. His work at ‘i-am’ – primarily for leading banks in Europe and the middle east – focuses on experience design, emotional design and user research, both in on-line and off-line environments. Erdem has been consulted on user research projects for Microsoft and Renault, and has led design workshops for Philips and Procter & Gamble.

DAY 2 – Japan Room – 10:15AM – 12:15PM

Is the Future Omni-Channel?

See the presentation at SDNC13

i-am’ is a 360° -brand experience agency. Questions that will be addressed in this talk include:

  • How to use insight to design an experience
  • How ensure that service design remains on brand
  • How to ensure that all stakeholders involved in creating an experience work together
  • How to build a memorable customer journey
  • How to measure the success of service design
  • How good service design will benefit your business
  • Why some design methods are more relevant than others – and when
  • The benefit of an omni-channel strategy

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