Joel Bailey: Capita

joel_baileyJoel directs all Capita’s Service Design activity, across its large scale new business opportunities. This covers service redesign, multichannel orchestration, and service innovation, delivered through 3-5 year transformation programmes.

He identifies three useful perspectives – commercial grounding, execution experience and embedded delivery – drawn from years having one foot in the business camp, and one in the design camp. Capita’s service design approach is entirely connected to the commercial outcomes they guarantee to their clients. In that sense service design is about reducing risk and increasing certainty of outcome. His role has been helping large corporate organisations recognise the opportunity of service design, and then go through the hard process of adopting its principles.

Joel Bailey is an experienced Service Design and Customer Experience leader, with 15 years experience combining user-centred methodologies and business strategy to transform services in the private and public sectors. He currently works as Director of Service Design at Capita, a FTSE 100 company and one of the largest service outsourcers in the country, with 50,000 staff delivering 200m customer contacts a year for organisations such as BMW, the BBC and Ministry of Defence.

DAY 1 – Donald Gordan Theatre – 11:45AM – 12:05PM

Go Deep or Go Home

See the presentation slide at SDNC13 

Service design has passed the tipping point. We are no longer the next big thing, we are the thing. So now we have to deliver on the promise of transformational change. To get out of the pilot stage and onto the big stage. And to do that we have to be willing to go deeper and further than many of us our comfortable. In this provocative talk at this year’s Service Design Network Conference I’ll draw on my experience dragging service design to the edge of its comfort zone, to transform services as diverse as British Army Recruitment, TV Licensing, O2 and Barnet Borough Council, and explore what skills we all need to develop to carry the industry forward.

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