James Samperi – Engine

James_SamperiJames (@hereatengine) is a director of Engine leading the evolution of the practice to be at the heart of developing new service strategies and organisational change. He has led major, landmark projects for Mercedes-Benz, E.ON, The Portuguese Airport Authority and Samsung. He regularly speaks and runs training workshops on service design and its impact on business.


DAY 1 – Donald Gordan Theatre – 2:50PM – 3:10PM

Transformation by Design: The Three Ideas Driving Organisational Change

See the presentation slide at SDNC13

Service design has captured imaginations beyond the design sector because it neatly packages a set of ideas and an approach to management that’s well suited to organisations looking to change.

Three major transformations are underway: the shift from business to customer-centricity; from product to services development; and a change in mindset from solely analytical to imaginative approaches to improvement and innovation.

Even with solid management practices in place to focus organisations on quality and efficiency, organisations still work hard to win and keep customers. Their challenges span business activities from leadership and culture to the design of experiences. The need to transform is very real and organisations are again looking to the market for ideas.

This presentation will introduce Engine’s perspective on the three transformations, expand on the challenges and importantly, set out the role of design in helping organisations transform.

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