Lydia Howland & Georgie Mack – IDEO

LydiaHowlandLydia (@lydiahowland) is a Design and Portfolio Director at IDEO.  Having first joined as a Design Researcher, she is still primarily interested in how insights into what people say, do, think and feel can shape the development of new services but, these days, she applies most of her energy towards innovation in the financial and hospitality sectors.


Georgie_MackGeorgie is director of service design at IDEO London. She has been at IDEO for 6 years and during that time has worked across a number of industries with a focus on healthcare, hospitality and financial services. Clients and projects range from UBS, Generali, IKEA, Skanska through to the design of a new 5 Star hospitality proposition and working on a major global airline.

DAY 1 – Donald Gordan Theatre – 2:25PM – 2:45PM

Design In Real Time

See the presentation slide at SDNC13

In a world of Kickstarter, pop-up shops, and startups that live in beta, how might service designers develop our own live prototypes? By taking service design out of the studio and into street, we’re discovering tools that make us both more more agile and more rigorous. Today, we’ll share some of IDEO’s lessons – about experimentation, creative confidence, and launching to learn.

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