Geke van Dijk & Marie de Vos – STBY

Geke_van DijkGeke is co-founder and strategy director of STBY in London and Amsterdam. She is also the initiator and chair of the Service Design Netwerk Nederlands. Geke has a background in ethnographic research, user-centered design, and services marketing & innovation. She is passionate about exploring the ways people co-produce their customer journeys by picking and mixing from multi-channel service touchpoints.

Marie_de VosMarie is design researcher at STBY, and co-organiser of the Service Design Work Outs in The Netherlands. During her studies, Marie did an internship at STBY, returning full-time upon her graduation. She is involved in most projects by STBY in The Netherlands, taking responsibility for fieldwork, analysis and delivery, while she also supports the operational management of the Amsterdam studio.

DAY 2 – Japan Room – 2:00PM – 4:00PM

Small steps, big impact

See the presentation at SDNC13

Service Design projects do not tend to magically transform the service offering and way of working of client organisations in one big push. It often involves a long trajectory of ‘small steps’, to in the end contribute to a ‘big leap’ or substantial transformation. In the project presented, and across projects, we have learned that one of the biggest values service design agencies can offer is to be committed to challenging long term transformation projects, and to support clients during their journeys of gradual change. For this we need to be as empathic with the organisation of the service provider as we are with the end users of the services.

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