Dominique Bohn & Blair Neufeld – Province of British Columbia

Dominique_BohnDominique brings service design methods to bear on the big challenges facing the administration of courts and access to justice. Previously, she founded the Province’s user experience design practice. She cultivated her user experience design practice with nForm, one of Canada’s very best UX companies, improving patient safety (Health Canada) and digital education. She holds a PhD in Victorian studies (culture and technology).

Blair_NeufeldBlair uses service design methods to transform how the British Columbia Government’s designs, measures and invests in services. He created the in-house user experience design practice to improve citizens’ experience with government’s massive web presence, and led ministries across government to adopt user-centred approaches to service delivery.


DAY 2 – Japan Room – 10:15AM – 12:15PM

Designing Services Nobody Wants

See the presentation at SDNC13

Government provides many ‘services’ folks prefer to avoid: when you pay your taxes, go to court, apply for social assistance or get sick, you are compelled to interact with government. Yet government services rarely meet citizen expectations, and staff struggle with reduced budgets, obsolete legislation and antiquated practices. This presentation describes how The British Columbia government is adopting a service design approach to meet these challenges. An exemplar project addressed the need to improve landlord / tenant dispute resolution, a high volume, high touch process that was overburdened despite several traditional quality improvement initiatives. See how prototyping service avoidance, smarter intake and status updates yield measurable service improvements for reluctant customers.

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