Ben Terrett & Rohan Gye: Government Digital Service/DVLA


Ben is Head of Design at the Government Digital Service, in the Cabinet Office for the UK Government – winner of the Design Museum’s Design of the Year Award 2013.

Before that he was Design Director at Wieden & Kennedy London. In 2010 Ben won the Graphics category in the Design Museum’s Designs Of The Year Awards. Since 2008 he has been a partner in RIG, and in 2009 co-founded Newspaper Club. Ben is also a Board Advisor to id8, an Application Definition & Design company based in San Francisco.

In 2001 Ben set up The Design Conspiracy. He sold his stake in the company in June 2008. Ben is active in the design industry and has spoken at SXSWi, TEDx, Thinking Digital and at conferences in the USA, India and Romania. He has spoken about design on Radio 4’s Today programme, has been a D&AD judge several times and has written feature articles for The Guardian, Creative Review and Design Week.

Rohan Rohan worked for the Department for Work and Pensions before joining DVLA in 2005 where he held a number of roles in DVLA including Driver Licence Policy Lead, Head of Business Change and Head of Driver Licensing Products & Services. In his current role as DVLA’s Digital Service Manager Rohan has responsibility for development and delivery of our Digital Exemplar projects. These are view driving record, vehicle management and personalised registrations.


DAY 1 – Donald Gordan Theatre – 10:35AM – 10:55PM

Service design at scale

Three years ago Martha Lane Fox wrote a report called Directgov 2010 and Beyond: Revolution Not Evolution, one year ago GOV.UK, a digital platform for government services, was launched. Today 25 of the biggest transactions in government are being redesigned to be digital by default. This talk will take you through the story of GOV.Uk and focus on the design evolution of the current work at DVLA.

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