Aldo de Jong & Abby Margolis – Claro Partners

Aldo de JongAldo helps corporations and startups to navigate disruptive change. He is a co-founder at Claro Partners, where he provides business innovation and service design in the context of disruptive changes in society and business, such as the personal data economy, internet of things (IoT), new models of ownership and value exchange networks.


Abby MargolisAbby is director of research at Claro Partners. Drawing from models in social science, design and business, she creates frameworks that make complex systems and behaviors easy to understand, interact with, and act from. She was previously the design ethnographer at Ziba Design, and has her PhD in Anthropology.

DAY 2 – Donald Gordon Theatre – 2:00PM – 4:00PM

Service Design for Networked Business Models

See the presentation at SDNC13

With increased connectivity, networks at both a global and local level are growing rapidly whilst new communities can develop and flourish through digital channels. These allow for resources to be shared, swapped, borrowed and traded; bearing a new economy that favours access over ownership. This is a dramatically different user experience context that demands a transformation of our approach to service design. In this session we will share findings from our global research that explored the experiences and opportunities involved in moving from an ownership economy to one built on access and sharing. We will present
guidelines for creating value exchange networks and share some tools we’ve developed for creating networked services and business models in the access economy.

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